Heat Pumps  As we continue to move towards net zero, new technology and heating system options have to be considered. Given the complex differences between property types and locations across the UK, we will all need to work together for us to reach that target by 2025. 

Heat pumps are one such technology and are great to heat homes in an environmentally friendly way. They can deliver a number of benefits, such as lowering fuel costs and emissions. 
A heat pump is at its best when it’s circulating low temperature water around the heating system. Because of the low temperature, it is not best suited to being operated intermittently like a boiler, the heat pump needs to be run in a ‘strady state’ thus avoiding trying to heat the house quickly. 
Heat pumps however, are not suitable for all types of homes and other technologies may need to be considered. 
New build properties are ideal for heat pumps, as they are fitted to high efficiency standards and can be specified to accommodate the space needed for a heat pump and hot water cylinder. 
Air to water heat pumps comprise of either a monobloc or split system. We currently install monobloc system, meaning you do not need to be F-Gs registered. 
The benefits of these are: 
Easy installation and quick to integrate into heating hydraulics. 
Can be connected to an existing heating system. 
Low maintenance. 
Complete and concealed refrigeration circuit in the outdoor unit. 
The heating pocess and transfer take place in the outdoor unit. 
Piping between outdoor and indoor unit is a separate hot water circuit. 
Wall insulated piping for high efficiency. 
An air source heat pump is eligible for various grants and incentives. 
Click here for more information from Worcester Bosch on Heat Pump installation. 
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