Hybrid  Heating Systems 

Hybrid Heating systems deliver the best of both worlds. It allows the integration of a high efficiency low-carbon heat pump, along with the benefits of a gas combination boiler. 
This type of system is best suited to medium sized homes and the air to water heat pump is perfectly suited for new build and full home renovations. 
Dependent upon the external temperature and room temperature settings, this will either call for heat from the heat pump or boiler or both. 
This type of system can offer great benefits: 
Reduced alterations needed to an existing heating and hot water system or the property itself. 
The Heat pump can heat the home efficiently during the summer months and have the back-up of the boiler for colder time. 
Supports further carbon emission reductions in the future and immediately reduces your reliance on fossil fuels. 
Eligible for recently announced £5,000 government grant which goes live in April 2022. 
Quiet mark approved with minimal noise created. 
Low maintenance and future proof. 
Compatible with all existing combination boilers. 
By making the switch to heat pump technology, you’ll enjoy a warm home and save money, all while reducing your carbon emissions. 
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