A third of UK greenhouse gases come from domestic properties and it is quite clear that the UK will not meet its climate change targets without a change in home heating technology and fuel. 
Replacing natural gas boilers with hydrogen gas may be the simplest solution to the nation’s heating problems. The only by-product of burning hydrogen gas is water, meaning that it is a carbon free fuel source and could be a key method to help decarbonise heating and hot water. 
The industry is moving towards a mandate that all boilers must be Hydrogen ready from the mid 2020’s and there are various trials running throughout the UK with blended hydrogen boilers, where boilers are running on a 20% hydrogen blend and also 100% hydrogen. This will ultimately put us well on our way for our net zero target. 
A managed trial of 20% hydrogen blend is nearing completion and there have been no issues with heating systems or cooking appliances. 
All trials are working towards one goal, gathering and building evidence, as well as confirming what we know already, to help increase confidence in hydrogen as a technology. All will help form a government policy in this area. 
Working with Worcester Bosch, winners of the Green Home Awards 2021 for best heating innovation; Hydrogen Boiler Prototype, all Worcester Boilers we currently install are Hydrogen ready meaning there is minimal work required when the changeover to Hydrogen occurs. 
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